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The success of corporations, whether they are privately owned or publicly held, relies heavily on image. For customers, clients or shareholders to stop and take notice of a corporation, they must be able to cut through the advertising clutter and make an emotional connection with the brand. Every corporation has the opportunity to tell their story, but will they tell it well?

With over 30+ years of experience in video production, Sherer Video prides itself on telling a great story. We have worked with dozens of corporations to develop and/or reinvent their brands through corporate imaging videos. Our award-winning team knows how to cut through the clutter and elicit the desired feelings from the intended audience.

Our best stories are often told through executives at major corporations utilizing an interview-style approach. Talking to owners, personalizing messages and creating a sense of loyalty all help to bring a story to life.

Begin building relationships with an emotionally-receptive audience by contacting Sherer Video at 412-829-0266.

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Our vast production experience with a wide range of clients, unparalleled in the region, enables us to understand your ideas and bring them to life, beginning with our first point of contact.

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