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Today videos are everywhere. They are used to communicate, entertain, and tell a story of your life or business. Social media and the rise of influencers have also created a niche where really connecting to your audience is imperative.

A digital biography is a great way to grab your viewer’s attention, giving them a glimpse into your life and an otherwise elusive insight into what makes you tick. At Sherer Video Production Inc., we interview the subject and their friends, family, and anyone else of significance. We also gather old, relevant photos and documents to help create these beautiful reflections of life-long memories.

A digital biography immortalizes your life experience in a way that far surpasses what a book could accomplish. The video lets you see and hear the emotion woven throughout. It also ensures your life story will be passed down generationally. Your great-grandchildren and even further generations will really be able to know the person behind the face.

You don’t have to wait for an occasion or need to sell something. Everyone has a story to tell. Perhaps you have hundreds of old videotapes and photos gathering dust. Don’t let them all go to waste. We digitize such media and appropriately incorporate as much as is needed to fully enhance your video. Give us contact info for all the people you’d like to be included in the interview process. We take care of the rest! We conduct interviews in person or recorded via zoom.

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