Common Mistakes In Video Production

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Video marketing is the influential tool various businesses use to enhance their brand reputation and get a good return on investment. Moreover, it helps establish your business and create a buzz about your products by enabling you to connect with your viewers. However, marketers and creatives develop videos for their offerings that don’t engage their audience or make them want to know more about their brand.

You might be questioning, how does this happen? We’ll be honest with you; there’s no trick or marketing hack for creating a prolific brand video. But, we can tell you some common mistakes people make when producing videos for their business to help direct you in the right direction. Read on to understand more about the video creation mistakes you should avoid and how you can build up your artistic muscle to start making better videos for your brand.

1. Not knowing the target audience
Knowing your target audience may seem like the obvious first step but is all too often neglected. We don’t mean knowing the demographics. We suggest learning what your viewers prefer to watch: the style, the aesthetics, the genre, the production value, the duration limit, and the emotion behind the most famous or well-received videos in your industry. Most people often want to reach as many people as possible, but this mindset is often too vague and hinders production due to a lack of focus. Avoiding this mistake lets you create a more compelling piece. 

2. Micromanaging the production team 
Micromanaging the production team can be a detriment to the final video.

Customers in the industry always have an idea of what they want, but their vision of reaching that end goal is often misguided without expertise in the field. There’s a reason micromanaging has a negative connotation. It’s demoralizing as the desire for control to ensure everything goes to plan only generates more problems in the long term. The results are often disconnected and hyper-focus on little things rather than the big picture. Proper communication and trust in the production team will give the final video a sense of fluidity and cohesion. 

3. Underestimating what is needed to bring a project to fruition
This can cover the budget, the number of people required for the production, and mainly the time needed to edit the project. It’s okay to underestimate all that goes into producing a video if you are new to this field. There are so many aspects to video production. The customer must understand what is possible with the resources available to them. That way, they can have realistic expectations for the final product. The best way to avoid this is to interact and discuss requirements. Having an honest conversation before the beginning of production can help to set expectations regarding how resources are distributed. 

4. Not understand location shoot requirements
While location shooting, the first thing is to make the place camera-ready. Customers often do not realize the infrastructure required to film at specific locations properly. This includes, but is not limited to, space requirements, power requirements for lights and many other such aspects. If these things are not taken before consulting with the production team, the original location might be out of the question. That may take days or even weeks of planning. To avoid this make sure the production team is involved in pre production planning, and let a member of the production team physically scout a location, are great ways to avoid setbacks.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the experts at Sherer Video Production Inc. We are a crew of go-getters with a sacred spot for movie-making in our hearts. We are in the constant effort of refreshing our minds, learning new things and experimenting. As we evolve and move forward, we have only one thing we’d like to keep consistent: our love for storytelling. This is what we do and always will. 

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